ProyectoTeatro wins 2nd place in USA; Launches Texas tour with INE and consulates to promote voting abroad

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The Project

In November 2017, the National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE) launched a contest in the United States to promote voter turnout of Mexicans abroad in the upcoming Mexican presidential elections of 2018. The contest called for grassroots organizations with a focus on communities of Mexican migrants, to pitch project proposals that would motivate and educate about the credentialing process, registration, and voting in general for Mexican citizens living in the U.S.

ProyectoTeatro won 2nd place with their theatrical proposal of “What do you shoot for when you vote, Mexican?"; a dynamic 45-50 minute sketch-based comedy that will tour 6 cities in Texas during the month of March.

 The Play

ProyectoTeatro, in collaboration with the National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE) and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs (SRE), presents "What do you shoot for when you vote, Mexican?” a political satire that uses street-style theater to explore the idiosyncrasy of Mexican nationals living in the United States and the importance of their participation in the Mexican electoral process.

This performance, which will tour 6 cities throughout Texas, brings to the stage "Pancho Patria" (Patriot Pancho), an eccentric luchador-type super hero character, that sets out from Mexico to the United States with the mission of solving the mystery of why Mexicans don’t vote in the Mexican federal elections, and what’s behind their civic apathy. "Pancho Patria" comes prepared with cunning jokes, sayings, double entendres, and even some pranks to defend the vote and overcome any adversity he might face...but all of his tools will be of little help against the daily experiences and struggles of four immigrants fighting to survive the immigrant reality.

Q&A | Electoral Process Information Session with INE and Mexican Consulate     

Following the performance, there will be a Q&A session with members of ProyectoTeatro. Subsequently, the consulate and the INE will also answer questions and provide support with all matters regarding the Mexican electoral process and the requirements to vote.

The Tour

  • San Antonio                         
    • March 10 & 11 @ 4pm
    • Instituto Cultural de México
  • Waco                                     
    • March 16  @ 7pm          
    • Waco Multipurpose Facility
  • Fort Worth                            
    • March 17 @ 1pm                     
    • La Gran Plaza
  • Dallas                                    
    • March 18  @ 2pm y 6pm        
    • Casa Guanajuato
  • Austin                                   
    • March 24 & 25 @ 6pm            
    • ESB Mexican American Cultural Center
  • Houston (Sharpstown)      
    • March 30 @ 6pm y 8pm        
    • Plaza Paseo
  • Houston (Pasadena)          
    • March 31 @ 2pm y 5pm        
    • PlazAméricas

INFO: | 512-420-9078 | COST: Free

Political Background

"What do you shoot for when you vote, Mexican?” is a social project that addresses the low civic participation and misinformation about the electoral rights and obligations of Mexican citizens living abroad. Mexico joins the more than 100 countries that have legislation allowing their citizens to vote outside of their places of origin, representing a step forward for the strengthening and consolidation of modern democracy.

On June 30th, 2005, by means of a constitutional reform, the government of Mexico eliminated the geographical restrictions placed on voting requirements, and decreed as an obligation, the participation of all Mexicans living abroad in the electoral process. For the first time in Mexico’s history, its emigrants would have the opportunity to be a part of their native country’s democracy while being miles away. The new extraterritorial reform was put to the test with the presidential elections of 2006, which garnered only 32,621 votes out of the millions of Mexicans living abroad. Six years later, in the elections of 2012, there were only 40,714. Six years later, in the elections of 2018, how many Mexicans will have voted?

About ProyectoTeatro

ProyectoTeatro is a theatre company and a cultural organization with the mission to preserve and promote Latin-American culture through the Arts in Spanish. ProyectoTeatro is driven by the vision to make the arts accessible to all sectors of the community, with a focus on the Latino population, in order to reduce the cultural disparities in our society.

About the INE

The National Electoral Institute of Mexico (INE) is the public and autonomous organism in charge of organizing the federal elections; more specifically, the election of the President of the republic, Representatives, and Senators that make up the Congress of the Union. The INE also organizes, in conjunction with other federal electoral organisms, local elections of states and Mexico City. 


"What do you shoot for when you vote, Mexican?” is an artistic project that is not associated with any political party or candidate.